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Tiny Tigers 3 & 4 years

At 7 years & older students enter the traditional Black Belt Pathway where they take their physical skills to the next level as well as;

-Increased mindfulness 

-Improved discipline and grades in school

-Respectful attitude

-Improved self-image and confidence 

-Unplugging from electronics

-Plus the physical skills of flexibility, core stability, balance, coordination, focus of sight & higher level self defense

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Our family classes are the coolest classes for families to train together;

-Increased quality time

-Memorable moments training together

-Healthy shared familial habits

-Set & achieve goals together as a family

-The family that kicks together, sticks together

-Plus the physical skills of flexibility, weight loss, core stability, balance, coordination, focus of sight & higher level self defense

​We offer a full range of dynamic classes for students 3 years and older, transforming the lives of children and their parents... call us today to set up your introductory lesson!

Children enjoy to learning when the activity is fun, and we keep them engaged and focused, challenging them with our dynamic classes.

By offering positively structured, exciting classes that are specialized for their age group we are able to empower kids towards greater learning milestones while having a blast! 

   Our incredibly fun classes not only encourage physical growth, but also empower students’ character from the inside out.

   Through proven teaching systems we help your child to increase balance, coordination, flexibility, and core-stability while fostering the development of positive behavioral changes.

   After only a short time in training, parents have reported more respectful, focused and self-aware children, thus creating a more peaceful environment at home.

Karate Kids 7-12 years



Kids Karate

Family Class 7 yrs & older

Our preschool Karate classes

3pm Monday-Thursday & 8:30 am Saturday

Little Dragons 4-6 years

Strength, Confidence, Focus!

Our 4 to 6 year old students learn;

-Better focus & concentration

-Improved listening skills

-More self-control and discipline

-Shy children become more confident and empowered 

-Plus the physical skills of balance, coordination, focus of sight & basic self defense